About Us

Founded in 1986, Waddell and Associates is an SEC-registered, wealth management firm dedicated to enriching life by providing clarity. Our goal is to provide financial planning, investment management, and communications services. W&A clients are entrepreneurs, high-net-worth individuals, families, trusts, foundations, pension plans, and institutions who have entrusted the firm to manage their investments and planning needs.

Why a Wealth Strategist?

W&A Overview

At Waddell & Associates, we are wealth strategists who strive to provide strategic value beyond that of a standard financial planner or investment manager. Wealth strategists are different from most financial planners in that, additionally, we engage an extensive arsenal of resources to help our clients in any way possible, which includes offering access to our robust network of contacts.

We talk a lot internally about how we can leverage our networks to help enhance our clients' lives. This serves to transcend financial discussions and offer resources for healthcare, senior planning, credit facilities, travel, and even bucket list facilitation.

We offer personalized guidance to help you make lifestyle decisions. Rent, or buy? Nanny, or au pair? Is it time to launch your own business? Which senior living community should you choose for your mom?

Consider us your personal Chief Strategy Officer (CSO).

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“If you have an objective, get a plan. If you have a dream, get a STRATEGY.

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