Strategic Services Provided

Our wealth strategists are bound by fiduciary duty to act in your best interests. Our investment selections are based on making the best decisions for you, not the most profitable decisions for us.

Strategic Services Provided

At Waddell and Associates, we offer more than just financial planning. We
customize your portfolio and leverage our own resources to get you closer to
your dreams. Our experienced and qualified wealth strategists are held to a
fiduciary standard regulated by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). Think of us as your personal Chief Strategy Officer.
Tell us what your dreams are, and we can help guide you there.

asset management

We approach markets with conviction, investing our own hard-earned capital in
same investment strategies we recommend for our clients.

Financial Planning

By committing conceptually to managing net worth rather than just investment
our wealth strategists work with you to create and implement a strategic plan to
help you realize your goals and dreams. We also periodically monitor and adjust
plan to keep you on track. We strive to not only act as your chief investment
officer, but also as your chief financial and chief strategy officers.


We have been there, done that, although we have yet to write the book! Our
associates have children, grandchildren, spouses, ex-spouses, parents and
grandparents and so, for so many potential life events, we have personal
to bring to the table. We can help improve your lifestyle by providing the
you need. Rent vs. buy? Nanny vs. Au Pair? Whatever your situation is, we can
way beyond the numbers.


Private or public? In-state or out-of-state? We engage you in the
conversation of schooling – for whom? When? Where? How long? How much? Who’s
paying?! We can help you strategize the process and adjust the plan based on
family changes and dynamics.

Distinctive Care Concierge

Planning doesn’t stop when you stop earning income. Life’s complexities
don’t end when your work life ends. W&A provides advice to help guide family
members through what can be a very difficult and complicated process,
especially if caregivers are not close by.

Strategic Philanthropy

Continue your family’s legacy and support the causes that are important to
you. We help guide you in determining tax-efficient methods to
donate to the causes you are passionate about, as well as help manage
charitable vehicles such as private foundations, donor-advised funds, and
charitable trusts.


Retirement Plans

We can help business owners implement cost-effective and transparent
retirement plans that improve the overall employee benefits package by
engaging employees and providing fiduciary protection for the owners. Our
consultative approach aims to align retirement plan objectives to the most
suitable plan structure, investment options, and providers.

Business Succession

Who will take over your business in years to come? Do you want to transition
to the next generation of the family? Internally to management? Or to a
strategic or financial acquirer? What if something happens to you tomorrow?
We work with your legal, accounting, and valuation teams to eliminate the
burden and coordinate the blueprint for a successful transition.

Employee Benefit Planning

Non-salary benefits provided by employers are great tools for recruiting and
retaining talent. We work with business owners to help navigate and
determine the benefits that best fit their organizational needs and
objectives, and then assist in recommending potential providers to implement
specific strategies and refine the plan.

Executive Benefit Planning

Executive benefits offer great opportunities to build wealth over time. We
help our clients navigate the complexities of equity-based strategies like
stock options, restricted stock grants, and deferred compensation or bonus
structures to achieve financial independence.

Divorce Planning

When should I file? What are the pitfalls? W&A’s pre-divorce strategies can help
identify potential issues while making this decision. We then work with you and
your legal team to understand all the financial nuances and test each scenario
during the negotiation process to assess viability. Once the dust settles, W&A
is there to help you rebuild your new normal.

Estate & Wealth Transfer

Estate and wealth transfer strategies involve careful design and implementation
to ensure your legacy. The starting point is to understand your current plan.
Does it fulfill your wishes? If not, we work with you and your estate attorney
to design a blueprint that goes beyond mere tax savings to provide for future
generations, and chosen charitable organizations, while offering maximum or
minimum flexibility.

Tax Strategy Planning

We view tax strategy planning on two different levels. At the base level, we
strive to manage investment portfolios tax-efficiently utilizing strategic tax
loss harvesting, managing assets with built-in gains for tax-efficiency and
risk-mitigation, and focusing on the type of investment and its tax
characteristics for the appropriate account type. At the next level, we review
your income, expenses, assets, and liabilities to recommend, coordinate, and
help implement strategies to improve your overall tax burden.

Insurance Analysis

We identify gaps in your financial plan that could potentially be mitigated with
insurance products. We don’t sell insurance but, more importantly, we are held
to a fiduciary standard and required to work in your best interests, so our
unbiased analysis can offer recommendations for providers as needed.

Concentrated Stock Position

There are significant risks in relying heavily on one specific asset to achieve
your financial goals. After evaluation of the portfolio, if concentrated
positions are identified that could affect their likelihood of realizing short-
and long-term goals, we develop tax-efficient strategies to effectively reduce
this risk.


Not ready to explore a full-blown wealth strategy relationship? For an initial
investment of $5,000, you can have access to an investment portfolio actively
managed by W&Ai’s Investment Committee.

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